Architect's OS in Notion

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Comprehensive operating system that helps architects and designers to organize projects, structure work, and grow.

Why did I create this?

After I built an operating system to organize my life and work I realized that Notion is an excellent tool for architectural design as well.

You can do task management, project management, and library management using different applications, but the beauty and efficiency comes when all the elements work together in a system.

Who’s it for

  • Architects (freelancers, small-medium teams)

  • Students (undergrad/grad)

  • Designers (interior, graphic, web)

You’ll benefit this if:

  • You want a system to to organize your work & projects

  • You want to increase your and your team’s productivity

  • You want to grow your knowledge systematically

  • You want to manage your tasks in relation to your projects

  • You want to keep a track of your projects

  • You want to find information whenever you need it

  • You want make communication with the client easier and faster

  • You want to save and collect knowledge in a digital library

What’s inside

  • Home dashboard

  • Actions

  • Project management

  • Meeting notes

  • Knowledge management system / Second brain

  • Design system

  • Onboarding and standards template [coming soon]

  • Software templates (Rhino, InDesign, etc.) [coming soon]

  • Drawings tutorial (diagrams, elevations, siteplans) [coming soon]

  • Portfolio template [coming soon]


Welcome to our discord community where you can ask any question you have.


Free lifetime updates on the next versions of the system.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes. When you purchase, you'll get a link with the system. Duplicate it to your workspace and customize set it up to your preferences and type of work.

Is there a refund policy?

It’s a digital product, so there’s no refund.

Can I share the system with my friends?

This is a personal license for individual use, so no. You can send the link to this page, instead.

What makes Ayk qualified to create such system?

I’ve been practicing architectural design for more than 10 years and developed different systems to organize my work. When I learned about Notion, I came with an idea to create digital operating system to replace the way I organize my projects, files and knowledge. In June 2021 I wrote a blog post and created a set of templates called Design System that I shared on my website. Since then I’ve been modyfing and improving the templates which turned into an operating system for architects and designers.

I want this!

Architect's OS in Notion

0 ratings
I want this!