Life OS v3 - more than a productivity system

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The next version of my life os - a system to achieve anything without prescription.

What is the difference between my life OS and other templates, second brains, etc.?

The idea behind a regular workspace is to organize things and solve some problems.

The common promise is that if you work hard, you will eventually solve your problem.

Do you seek productivity? Here are templates that made me 10x more productive. Work hard and you too will find happiness.

Do you seek discipline? Here is my habit-building template powered by James Clear's framework to build habits and solve all your problems.

Do you seek success? I have profited $100,000,000 with this template. Purchase it and you too will become successful.

The truth? All of it is a scam. These things do not deliver the promise.

At first, you will feel very inspired. You will think, finally, my life is going to turn around and I will find what I seek.

In reality, the novelty feeling will wear off and you will continue to seek another solution, template, framework, and whatnot.

How do I know? I have tried all of that, and none of it has transformed my life in any way. The only benefit was that I understood that these approaches do not work.

So I looked further to find the way one can solve their problems.

My approach is based on finding the truth about any given situation.

If you have a productivity problem, you will examine the problem, find the truth about it, and solve it once and for all.

If you have a discipline problem, you will understand why you seek it and why you lack it.

In a way, my OS is about solving problems at their source level. Remove the source — remove the problem.

Self-help, psychology, and frameworks offer cosmetic solutions. Do you bleed? Here's a patch, put it on the wound, and you will be fine. Then you do as you are recommended by the guru, patch yourself, and keep going while you keep suffering from your internal bleeding.

Nobody asks why do I bleed in the first place? What is the source of the injury? How do I cure?

Nobody asks because nobody wants to know. It's easier to apply makeup solutions and keep yourself busy solving the problem your whole life.

Is my approach for you?

Do you seek truth? Do you want to find why things happen as they do? Is bullshit unacceptable to you? Are you brave enough to dive into the depths of your mind and ego to find the truth to the problems that cause misery in your life?

Then the answer is definitely yes.

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What's included:

  • Life OS v3
  • Life OS v2
  • Private essays on the topics of life, mind, performance, success, freedom.

Support: ask any question in Discord, Twitter or Email.

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Life OS v3
Life OS v2


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Life OS v3 - more than a productivity system

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