Notion Goals & Productivity System

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Set up a productivity system to consistently set, track and achieve your goals

This is the system that helped me break from procrastination and finally start building the lifestyle I've always wanted. It takes advantage of human psychology and neuroscience to consistently increase productivity and achieve your goals consistently.

You'll benefit from the system if:

  • You are in the procrastination hell and don't know who to break from it
  • You want to Increase your productivity
  • You want to lead a goal-oriented life
  • You want to make consistent & long-term changes in life
  • You don't want to rely on motivation and inspiration
  • You want to design and build the lifestyle that suits you
  • You are not looking for a magic pill and willing to give effort

What you get

It's a clean and productivity oriented system. Its main goal is to make you more productive. Every part of it deals with a certain problem.

Actions dashboard - GTD-like task management system to keep track of your actions.

Vision - overview of your life goals and values that they are based on.

Goals outcomes | Milestones - set specific goals metric.

Habits - drive identity changes to align yourself with the goals you set.

Projects - give the goals a form.

Icons - 20 custom icons for both bright & dark mode


Welcome to our discord community where you can ask any question you have.


Free lifetime updates on the next versions of the system.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?
Yes. Once you purchase, you'll get a link with the system. Once you duplicate it to your workspace you can start setting and working on your goals right away.

Is there a refund policy?

There's no refund because I explain in details what are the components of the system and how it works in this blog post. Check it out before the purchase.

Can I share the system with my friends?

This is a personal license for individual use, so no. You can send the link to this page, instead.

What makes Ayk qualified to create such system?

I've created and iterated this system for over a year now and it proved to be efficient for a person who lived a life without proper goals and a way to achieve them. It helped me to break from procrastination, set meaningful goals and consistently work to build the lifestyle I've always wanted. If it proved to work for someone like me, then it can elevate your life as well.

24 June 2023 changelog:

  • Replaced icons with Notion built-in so that it looks less styled and works on both light and dark mode.
  • Replaced hand-made status properties of databases to built-in Status property.
  • Added more descriptive examples.
  • Renamed Actions to Tasks, Actions Dashboard to Dashboard.
  • Database sub items make Milestones redundant. I can now define a bigger task in my Dashboard and then add subtasks to break it into manageable pieces that I work on during the day. Makes things clearer and simpler.
  • Removed Done column as the database items now have a built-in checkbox.
  • Changed Habits into Patterns / Habits. Getting somewhere is largely about changing the pattern. The first step is to recognize it and build awareness.
  • Reduced Priority to only 2. It’s either a priority or it’s not.
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Notion Goals & Productivity System

2 ratings
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